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Sae Midori Sencha

$ 9.00

Sencha is the great sun grown tea of Japan. There are two primary forms of sencha: asamushi (lightly steamed) and fukamushi (heavily steamed). The difference between the two is that asamushi sencha tends to be lighter with a hint of sweetness, whereas fukamushi sencha is stronger tasting, has more body, is more savory, and more brothy. Sae Midori Sencha is a Fukamushi sencha. Sencha was first developed in 1740 by a famous tea purveyor named Soen Nagatani. Sencha is the mainstay of Japanese tea drinkers. Mr. Nagatani’s purpose was to make a steamed green tea that ordinary citizens could drink. Undoubtedly he was proud of his tea he invented, but we aren’t sure he realized how famous his tea would become. The Japanese love his tea so much that they have created a shrine to him on the highest hill in the area near where he was born. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. 80% of all the tea produced there is sencha. It has a grassy, some say seaweed like taste that goes well with food, chocolate, and cheese, or as a tantalizing concoction just by itself. Sae Midori is a very special fukamushi sencha. It is also a hybrid cross of the yabukita cultivar and the asatsuyu cultivar. The yabukita cultivar is the most popular cultivar used in Japan for its good taste, disease resistance, and productivity. The asatsuyu cultivar is an old cultivar used for gyokuro, which is the highest grade of green tea found in Japan. The combination of the two creates a truly unique tea that is smoother, sweeter and more flavorful than the ordinary fukamuski sencha without sacrificing the body or brothiness of the liquor.


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