• Organic Jun Chiyabari Handcrafted Black Tea

    Jun Chiyabari regularly produces some of our favorite teas of the year.  These are really gifted tea makers with an incredible vision for tea artistry and an openness to exploration.  Their gardens are entirely organic and they practice natural farming as taught by Masanobu Fukuoka.  They provide employment and growth opportunities for over 150 people, with a specific focus on providing jobs specifically to women.

    Their Handcrafted Black Tea is a Summer 2022 harvest made using the AV2 cultivar (Ambari Vegetative 2).  AV2 is frequently used to make Darjeeling teas and is considered by some to be one of the finest and most highly prized black tea cultivars in the world.  It is known to have a complex blend of floral, fruity, and musky notes and is often described as having a sweet, honey-like taste with a slightly astringent finish.  This lot of Handcrafted Black displays all of those qualities with the addition of thick, cozy mouthfeel.  This makes an absolutely delightful afternoon tea.