• Organic Golden Milk Tea Blend (Non-Caffeinated)

    This is a powerful and delicious blend for you to make Golden Milk Tea at home or to just steep as a regular tea.  This blend features only ingredients that support the bioavailability of turmeric (such as black pepper) and complement turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties (such as cinnamon, chili, and coconut). 

    This Golden Milk Blend is smooth and engaging, quite enjoyable just simply steeped in a teapot, but is also designed to be simmered on your stovetop in your milk of choice.  Very highly recommended, but please note this is a spicy and spice forward blend so if that concerns you please order a sample first before you dive in.   

    Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic black pepper, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic coconut, organic chili flakes