• Monk's Robe - Sundried Black Tea from Laos

    Monk's Robe is a sundried black tea from old growth tea trees on Phou San Mountain in Xiengkhouang Province of northeastern Laos.  The tea is lively with a lush body and soft, sweet flavors of berry and malt.  Highly recommended for folks who enjoy Yunnanese or Vietnamese black tea as well as puerh. 

    Because Monk's Robe is a sundried tea, it will ages well.  While oven dried black teas are generally sweeter and aromatic right away, sundried teas actually get better and have more aroma and sweetness as they age. 

    Xiengkhouang Province has a large population of natural growing ancient tea trees found in community forests and conservation areas.   The trees are not subject to pesticides or artificial fertilizers - they grow naturally in their very biodiverse and ancient home. 

    2021 Spring tea from the Kinnari Tea project