• Mi Xiang GABA Oolong from Taiwan

    In addition to our High Mountain GABA Oolong, we are also offering this sister tea - Mi Xiang GABA Oolong.  Mi Xiang refers to a distinct honey fragrance, most traditionally obtained by natural bug bites the tea leaves tolerate while it's growing.  The bug bites make little parts of the tea leaves oxidize a small amount and it produces a delicious honey aroma that is really something special.  We're excited to be able to offer a Mi Xiang version of GABA tea as it can be hard to find really spectacular tasting GABAs.  

    GABA teas use a type of production developed in the 1990's to increase the content of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (aka GABA).  Essentially, the teas are produced in a vacuum, without oxygen, and this process increases the amount of naturally occurring GABA in the leaves.  GABA has many purported health benefits including reducing nervous system excitability and promoting relaxation.   These teas are not intoxicating in the least but they are meant to have a mild calming effect.  

    This Mi Xiang GABA oolong was grown on Shan Lin Xi at around 1100 m elevation.  It's a spring 2022 production.  The honey aromas of the tea pair beautifully with the distinct fruitiness that comes with a GABA type of tea.