• Jin Xuan High Mountain Oolong from Ali Shan

    With bright, fresh floral notes and a gentle milky sweetness, this high mountain Taiwanese oolong is a very satisfying cup.   The texture is smooth, easy to drink with a lingering, easy going finish.

    Jin Xuan is an interesting cultivar - if you haven't tried it yet, this is a great selection to dive in.  Jin Xuan (also called Golden Lily, TTES-12, or just simply Number 12), was created in 1981 as a way to help farmers improve their yield.  It has a naturally occurring sweet milk quality which pairs extremely well with light oxidation.  The fresh fruits and florals really compliment the sweet cream and sweet milk undertones. 

    Grown at 1100 meters elevation in Ruifeng Village.  Early April 2022 Harvest.  Hand-picked.