• Introduction to Puerh Sampler Set

    We're pleased to finally offer an Introduction to Puerh Sampler Set.  We've designed this as a broad strokes Intro to Puerh and as such each box features:
    • a medium aged, compressed raw factory puerh - 2007 Boyou Manludashan Mengsong Raw (25 grams)
    • a young, small production raw puerh maocha (maocha indicates that the tea is uncompressed) - 2022 Honey Hill Sheng from Laos (15 grams)
    • an aged ripe compressed factory puerh - 1999 Kunming 7581 Ripe (25 grams)
    • and a young ripe compressed small production puerh - 2020 Kuura Cola Ripe (25 grams)

    All of these teas are highly enjoyable and offer a great vehicle for a person new to puerh to become acquainted with these different sub-genres within the very large and exciting world of puerh.

    The Introduction to Puerh set is attractively packaged with one of our Japanese furoshiki cloths and a guide to the teas. 

    We highly recommend steeping puerh tea using a gaiwan or gong fu style tea pot.  We have some nice ones on our site, but this is a great starter set to get one's feet wet learning how to gong fu steep.