• Green Tea Glass Tea Pot - 275 ml

    This green tea glass tea pot might really enhance your enjoyment of and ease with steeping green tea.  It has an open top to help let off some of the heat of your water so your leaves don't overheat and it's glass so you can enjoy watching the leaves dance in the water as you steep and re-steep your tea.  There is a glass strainer in the pot to catch the leaves as you pour the liquor into your cup, making this pretty much the perfect pot for steeping green tea.   

    I can say from experience that owning one of these pots has really increased my green tea consumption because the pot makes it really easy and fun to prepare green teas.

    Dimensions: 4" h  x 5.5" w
    Volume: 275 ml
    Made in China

    Please note: this pot may not be suitable for all types of Japanese green teas as many Japanese green teas tend to have very, very small leaves and leaf bits in them that could slip by the strainer into your cup.