• Fragrant Flower Oolong - Taiwanese Oolong Scented with Osmanthus

    Fragrant Flower Oolong is a truly beautiful scented tea.  The base tea is a light style, creamy Jin Xuan oolong from Taiwan. The tea is scented with fresh, organically grown osmanthus flowers - a process which is actually enormously labor intensive as the scenting process involves several rounds of layering fresh osmanthus flowers with finished oolong tea over the course of several days.  Tea marries aromas quite easily, but it takes a great amount of skill to make sure that process doesn't go awry.

    The finished tea is gorgeous - the mouth is full but not bitter, the aroma is round and floral and the mouthfeel is delightfully creamy.   

    Harvest date: Spring 2023

    Oolong tea, osmanthus flowers