• 2023 Dragon Claw Tea from Vietnam (Ya Bao White Tea)

    Dragon Claw Tea (Trà Móng Rồng), known as Ya Bao in China, is a light and refreshing type of tea made from a different type of bud than we're used to seeing in all other teas.  Dragon Claw is an early new growth bud that would normally grow into a branch rather than into a leaf.  This particular lot is from an early 2023 harvest from the Tay Con Linh Mountain peak in Ha Giang Province.  The air was still cool enough that the dragon claws were quite small and growing very slowly.  

    Dragon Claw Tea is intensely fragrant, yet quite sturdy and compact.  The liquor is light - almost clear actually - but the taste and aroma is exceptional and unique.  The mouthfeel is silky and delicate while the aromatics are floral, with a sugar sweetness, and just a hint of something pine-y like hops.  

    Trà Móng Rồng is naturally low in caffeine, is incredibly flexible to steep, and offers many resteepings.  Highly recommended!