• Densho Kamairicha from Toshihiro Kajihara

    Densho Kamairicha is a really beautiful and fairly unusual pan-fired green tea from Ashikita in Kumamoto Prefecture.  It's sweet and light with loads of gorgeous clarity.  The mouthfeel is buttery with a mouthfilling sweetness.  The fresh aromas just float up to the upper nasal cavity.  Truly an exceptional quality tea. 

    The maker and grower of this tea is Mr. Toshihiro Kajihara.  He's a third generation, multiple award-winning tea producer who is passionate about the environment and health.  While the tea is not certified organic, Mr. Kajihara does not use chemical pesticides in his gardens.

    "Densho" translates to "tradition" and this tea is capturing an older tradition of tea making from Japanese history before Japan almost exclusively moved over to steaming green teas instead of pan-firing them. 

    May 2023 Harvest