• Cindy Chen's Tong Mu White Tea Baby Cakes

    In 2022, Cindy Chen and her family made this experimental batch of Tong Mu Guan white tea.  Tong Mu Guan in the birthplace of black tea and continues to be one of the preeminent origins of high end, gorgeous black teas to this day.  White tea from Tong Mu Guan is a quite a bit of an anomaly so these little 5 to 8 gram baby cakes really are a rare treat.  

    Cindy calls these a blend of white and black tea, kind of like White2Tea's Blood Moon Minis  in some ways (though Blood Moon is tea from Yunnan (on the other side of China)).  She withered this tea indoors and outdoors, allowing it to oxidize and then put the leaves under the sun to dry.  The tea is made using the traditional seed propagated Cai Cha varietal.  This tea will continue to oxidize and develop nicely with some age on it since it never went through a production step to arrest its enzymatic activity.  

    Each baby cake is between 5 and 8 grams and has been hand pressed and hand wrapped.  There are two little babies per white bag so, for example, if you order 3 packs of baby cakes you would receive 6 baby cakes total.  

    Side note: the little bags that these cakes are packed in say "Bai Mu Dan" on them.  This tea isn't Bai Mu Dan, but since this tea is experimental there is no bag that would indicate its real contents.