• Black Dragon - Laoshan Chinese Black Tea

    Black Dragon is incredibly easy to enjoy.  Made from a Long Jing varietal (the varietal used to make Dragonwell green tea - possibly the most famous Green tea from China), Black Dragon is naturally sweet and a little nutty, with notes of chocolate and toasty cooked sugars. It's a smooth, crowd-pleaser of a tea.

    This tea hails from Laoshan (Mount Lao) in Shandong Province, China - reportedly the birthplace of Taoism. Laoshan is rather far north as far as tea producing regions of China go, however the coastal climate of the Laoshan Village provides a very unique tea growing environment. While the area gets quite cold, it's not as cold as it might because of the village being basically right near the ocean.  Additionally, most tea makers in the area use extensive greenhouse type growing environments for their plants over the winters.

    If you enjoy Chinese black teas, you might consider trying Black Dragon.

    2024 Harvest

    No were pesticides used in the farming of this tea.