• 2024 Snow Shan Silver Needle White Tea from Vietnam

    This gorgeous white tea from old Snow Shan tea trees is rich and thick, with notes of honeycomb and Asian pear and a sweet fresh fruit finish.  Made in the classic Chinese style of all new growth buds, this tea is quite different from a traditional silver needle in that it's less like a fresh floral meadow and more like a sweet wet rocks, light fruits, and beeswax.  

    This white tea was harvested and made by Red Dao people in a natural tea forest at the Nam Ty commune in Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province.  No pesticides or herbicides are used on these trees, as these natural forests are very important to the ethnic minorities who live here.  They are considered a form of herbal medicine and, more recently, a valuable economic asset for the community.  In the Hoang Su Phi District, there are over 10,000 Snow Shan trees that are over 100 years old, with at least 1200 of them over 200 years old.  The Dao people have been living on this land for at least 1000 years.

    Spring 2024 harvest.  1300 meters elevation. 

    EU Compliant, organically grown, but not certified.