• 2023 White2Tea Calabash Smoked White Tea Minis

    If you're feeling adventurous, we can highly recommend this smoked white tea from Yunnan.  It's the most intriguing mash up of a sun dried old arbor Yunnan white tea finished with the very old technique of slow smoking tea over pine wood.  In order for this magical mashup to happen, the tea had to make the long journey from Yunnan Province to Fujian Province.  Once there, so it was smoked for three days in a traditional Tong Mu Lapsang Souchong smokehouse.  The effect is truly delicious and complex - a sweet, lightly herbal campfire that excites the senses.   This tea is one of kind. 

    This is the dragonball format of this tea, each ball weighing approximately 7 grams.  We have also have the cake version of Calabash.  

    2023 White2Tea Production