• 2015 Raw Puerh Xinhui Mandarins

    We're quite excited to present these raw puerh Xinhui mandarins.  From the Jiangmen Xinhui Xishuangfeng Chenpi Tea Company (via Yeeon Tea in Hong Kong), these mandarins feature spring bud raw puerh from 2015 blended with a small amount of ripe puerh to achieve a smooth, bright, citrusy taste.  If you are familiar already with ripe mandarin puerh, these are quite similar but they have a good amount more liveliness to them because of the raw puerh base.  

    Each mandarin is approximately 8 grams and can be re-steeped multiple times.  

    There are at least three ways to steep this tea.  You could toss the entire mandarin in the pot and let it steep grandpa style with very hot water (that's what I do).  You could poke holes in the skin so that more of the water can penetrate more of the skin and tea more easily and quickly and still steep it grandpa style (or take out the mandarin/tea after a set period of time).  You could also break off pieces of the peel and and steep that with the puerh as desired.  

    You may notice some white crystallization on the exterior of the mandarin.  It is crystallized citrus oil, naturally occurring from the drying process.