• 2012 Caravan Leader (Ma Guo Tou) Ripe Puerh

    The 2012 Caravan Leader Ripe Puerh is a bit different from most of the other ripes in our catalog.  It experienced a longer pile fermentation (about three months) than we generally stock in our catalog, which made the tea exceptionally smooth and rich, quite dark, with a deep lingering sweetness.  It's comfortable in the body and presents a bit less earthy than many other ripe teas.   We get a milky sweetness with chocolate, cherry, and even some interesting notes of spice, specifically sassafras coming in later steeps.  

    Our cakes were dry stored in Jinggu until 2022.  

    Made by Yunnan Cha Ma Si Factory in Jinggu County.  Each cake is approximately 400 grams, though some of the cakes will be slightly less due to a bit of loss in transit.