• 1999 CNNP Old Tree Ripe Puerh

    This 1999 CNNP Old Tree Ripe Puerh is elegant and harmonious.  The inner description ticket inside the wrapper declares that the tea comes from old tea trees in Yiwu and was entirely hand made, but whether that is true or not, the tea is exceptional.  This production is from a time when the standard for the ripening process was what we might consider a relatively light style so the tea liquor is a gorgeous dark amber color with loads of clarity.  

    This tea has been pristinely dry stored.  It was originally owned by a former CNNP producer and was stored entirely in Yunnan since its production until early 2023. 

    Tasting notes for us include: spice, sweet wood, anise, sassafras, ginseng, Italian cookie, and some dark chocolates notes coming in towards the middle steeps.  The mouthfeel is coating and syrupy with a hint of minerality in the mix.  Medium bodied.  The tea is very relaxing and grounding, almost sedating.  

    Each cake is approximately 357 grams.