• Hand-Tied White Tea Stars from AMBA Estate (Organic)

    These White Tea Stars from AMBA Estate are truly stunning.  Each star is hand-made in very small batches from young, tender tea buds on AMBA's organic estate in Uva.  These AMBA stars are more than just eye candy though - the taste is delicate, but exquisitely sweet and aromatic with an incredibly luxurious mouthfeel.  

    The tea plants are grown in AMBA's rich, organically managed soil which sits directly above an epic waterfall.  The plants are carefully plucked for the stars, making sure to find buds that are at just the right stage of development, not too brittle but large enough to fill out the star.  Each bud is withered for a time and then hand-rolled in tiny batches.  Sixteen buds are chosen for each star and hand-tied together with a tiny piece of cotton.  Finally, they are pressed into shape and baked in the oven for final drying.  

    Each star weighs about .5 grams so we suggest using one (possibly two) star per cup.  We like to steep them tea bowl style so that we can watch the beautiful, handmade stars unfurl and rehydrate. 

    Each box contains 8 individually wrapped stars.