• 2024 Fairy Tea from Vietnam

    What a delicious tea with just the right name!  Fairy Tea is an early 2024 harvest white tea from Chieu Lau Thi Mountain in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.  The liquor is light, almost clear, but the aroma and flavor is absolutely phenomenal.  If fairies do indeed drink tea, this is probably their preferred cup. 

    Incredibly fragrant - intense notes of pine, tropical fruits, and wild flowers leap out from the cup.  The texture is delicate and silky.  The energy of the tea is very uplifting even though the tea contains minimal to no caffeine.

    Fairy tea is made from a type of tea plant that is related to Camellia sinensis var. Assamica.  It's a wild growing tree, with an average height of 15 meters, so harvesting this tea is really quite difficult and dangerous.  The yield is very low.  The buds are axillary buds - essentially they're branch buds rather than leaf buds.  They're similar to Yao Bao teas from Yunnan, China - light but powerful and very unique.  

    February 2024 Harvest.  Agrochemical free.