• Tea Infuser from For Life

    The For Life Tea Infuser (which comes with its own carrying case) is a great tool for making tea practically anywhere.  It fits over most sized mugs or cups for making one cup of tea at a time.  The infuser's arms fold out over the cup or mug for great stability while steeping. The infuser fit cups or mugs of diameters between 2.5" and 4.5."

    The infuser is stainless steel and has extra-fine holes so that you can brew anything from whole leaf teas to very small leafed teas and herbs. The carrying case is BPA-free plastic and is a great way to transport your case to and from where you need to go.

    Product Dimension:
    L 3.07" x W 3.07" x H 2.75"

    Product Weight:
    .16 lb

    Country of Origin:

    + Use caution when handling hot water
    + Let boiling water cool down a tad before pouring it in the infuser
    + Use baking soda to gently clean tea stains as needed