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Duck Shit Phoenix Oolong - Yashi Xiang Dancong

Thick. Rich. Luxurious, full mouthfeel. Lengthy aftertaste. Honeysuckle fragrance. Notes of buttered peach. Leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

You might have heard of this tea being called 'Duck Shit Oolong' - certainly an off-putting, yet somehow still enticing name.  Rumor has it that Mr. Wei, the man who cares for and owns the original tea tree, became aware of his neighbors stealing clippings from this tree in an effort to grow their own tea tree of the same kind.  Mr. Wei wanted to discourage this and described this particular tree as having leaves that tasted like 'duck shit' so that the neighboring thieves would not know which tree to clip from.  The strategy did not work as now there are now several versions of 'duck shit' oolong available on the market.  

2021 Harvest

No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.