• Duck Shit Phoenix Oolong - Ya Shi Xiang Dancong

    From older growth tea trees on Phoenix Mountain we present this three time charcoal roasted "Duck Shit" Oolong.  More properly called Ya Shi Xiang, this selection is darker and bolder than most of the Duck Shit oolong in the western-facing market.  This additional charcoal roast means that the tea is a good candidate for putting some away to age.  

    There are several origin stories of the name "Duck Shit Oolong" - certainly an off-putting, yet somehow still enticing title.  The one that I like that best is that the man who cares for and owns the original tea tree, became aware of his neighbors stealing clippings from this tree in an effort to grow their own tea tree of the same kind.  Mr. Wei wanted to discourage this and described this particular tree as having leaves that tasted like 'duck shit' so that the neighboring thieves would not know which tree to clip from.  The strategy did not work as now there are now several versions of 'duck shit' oolong available on the market.  

    2022 Spring Harvest, roasted over several months.   Made by Cindy Chen and family.

    No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.