• Meteoric Green Tea from Laos

    Meteoric Green Tea from Laos is a big bodied green with lots to say.  It was handmade from older seed grown tea trees on the Bolaven Plateau, which is famous for its rich volcanic soil and the meteorite that crashed into it almost 800,000 years ago.  

    Just opening the bag brings out the aromas of a tasty, savory treat: smoky notes of roasted corn and seaweed.  It's an umami forward tea with a sweet, buttery finish that goes right to your head. 

    This tea was made from the large leaf varietal tea plant, not the smaller leaf varietal that is most often used to make green tea.  Consequently, it's meatier and more robust but honestly it's really satisfying.  Highly recommended.

    No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers were used on this tea.

    2024 spring harvest