• 2024 Fin Ho Cooperative Golden Buds Black Tea

    This all bud black tea is soft and pure, with light malty notes, thick florals, and an easy breezy vibe.  There is a lengthy sweet and lightly spiced finish with cocoa notes a welcome addition.  Picked by hand from Snow Shan trees in the Thong Nguyen Commune, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam this tea is was produced at the famous Fin Ho Cooperative. 

    Fin Ho, and other cooperatives like it, help to provide local small tea growers with a steady market for their teas.  Fin Ho deals only in organically grown teas and ultimately is part of a larger movement to build up an international market for traceable, sustainable, organic specialty tea from small holders and small producers in Vietnam and the world market.  

    2024 spring harvest, organically grown, but not organic certified.