• Arunachal Pradesh Golden Black Tea

    This Indian golden black tea from Arunachal Pradesh is stunning!  Aromas of rose, lavender, and candied citrus are abundant.  It's a medium bodied tea with no abrasive astringency - perfect for a relaxing or uplifting afternoon cup.  The liquor is lively and fresh, with a delicious caramel quality to it.  It's really quite exceptional. 

    Arunachal Pradesh is a state in the far northeastern part of India, bordering Myanmar, Bhutan, and Tibet as well as Assam and Nagaland.  Tea has only been cultivated there for about 30 years, with most of the plants coming from neighboring Assam.  However, the quality and creativity of the teas coming from Arunachal Pradesh is exciting (and delicious!).  

    Autumn 2023 harvest