• 2024 Jing Shan Mao Feng Chinese Green Tea

    This pre-Qing Ming Jing Shan Mao Feng really is a spectacular green tea.  It's nature is soft and somewhat delicate but with a nice concentration of flavor.  It's pan-fired so there is a tiny hint of toastiness to the liquor, but the dominant notes are sweet apple blossom with an edge of creaminess and nice dash of crisp summer veggies.  It's full in the mouth but really no undesirable astringency. 

    This was a Monthly Tea Club tea for our members, but we have just a small amount left over to share. 

    From Jing Shan Mountain in Yuhang County, Zhejiang Province.  Even though it's not very well known in the States, it's been a famous tea in China for several centuries.  Teas from this area were tribute teas as early as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279).