• Organic Boseong County Hwangcha ('Yellow' Tea) from Korea

    Organic Boseong County Hwangcha is a difficult tea to classify.  Korean hwangchas occupy a fairly broad range of oxidation levels.  The term 'hwangcha' indicates that the tea is a yellow tea, but the leaves and the steeped liquor indicate that is a fairly well oxidized tea... basically moving into the territory of being a semi-oxidized tea which is why we also list it as an oolong tea.   

    But, difficulties with classification aside, this hwangcha is fantastic!  The tea has no astringency and is sweet, with a crazy good aftertaste (a little grainy sweetness).  There is some delicious nuttiness and slight creaminess as well.  

    Korea makes some extremely high quality teas, though they are difficult to find in the west.  This tea is from Boseong County in the southern part of South Korea.  

    2023 Spring harvest