• Imperial Jasmine Green Tea

    Imperial Jasmine Green is an elegant tea.  Light, sophisticated, balanced, and, of course, gorgeously floral.  The leaf is showy, made of tender spring buds, and the scenting is positively inspired.  

    This is a more refined offering of jasmine green than our Organic Jasmine Green - it's lighter and silkier.   Both are excellent, this one is the higher grade of the two because of the delicateness of the scenting and the tender base tea material.

    Jasmine green teas generally are a very hard-working type of tea.  They're extremely popular in almost every category of quality.  What's really interesting about them (aside from their taste of course) is that the green tea and the jasmine flowers become ready at different times of the year.  That means, the green tea selected to be scented with jasmine flowers has to be properly stored until the jasmine flowers are harvested months later.  When the flowers are ready, the tea and the flowers are combined together for several rounds of scenting, each lasting about ten hours with a couple of days of resting in between the rounds.   High quality jasmines will have little to no flowers or petals remaining in the finished tea. 

    green tea, jasmine