• 2024 Organic Black Zabib - Raisin Oxidized Black Tea from Tanzania

    Here is another of Bente Luther-Medoch's super creative tea productions, this time a Tanzanian hand-picked black tea that has been oxidized alongside raisins.  It is incredibly smooth, perfect for the morning or afternoon.  The tea is rich with a lingering concentrated sweetness that is... you guessed it... reminiscent of raisins! 

    Bente was inspired initially to make these fruit oxidized tea by jasmine scented teas.  To make Black Zabib ("Zabib" means raisin in Swahili), Bente oxdized the tea with raisins and took them out after drying (which is a little bit of a different process than she uses for her other fruit oxidized teas).

    Bente's tea overall are exceptionally smooth and easy drinking.  They are EU and NOP certified organic.

    2024 Production