• Micro Chai for Chai Lattes

    If you'd like to make chai latte at home like the ones you get at The Steeping Room, this is the base that we use to craft those beautiful drinks.  It contains only tea and organic spices and is vegan, sugar free, and gluten free.  Just add hot water and stir vigorously.  Then add hot or cold milk of choice and any sweetener as desired.  If you'd like to make it fancy, then consider adding ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, chipotle, nutmeg, or whatever you think you might enjoy.  

    We originally used our House Chai to make our Steeping Room Chai Lattes, but after a few years we made the switch to this micro chai.  They are very similar to one another but their preparation is different.  This is one is easier and better suited to whipping up a quick and delicious latte on the go.

    For a 12 ounce drink, we use 1.25 tsp of chai in five ounces of hot water with the rest of the volume as steamed or heated milk of choice and sweetener.  Your preferences may vary of course, so play around with the recipe to see what suits you.

    A 50 gram bag makes twelve 12 ounce servings.  The 150 gram bags makes 37 twelve ounce servings.  

    Ingredients: black tea, organic spices