• Tea Latte Kit

    If you're like us, you'll never turn down a tea latte.  Strong, flavorful tea with our favorite milk is always the way to go.  We've put together the Tea Latte Kit to showcase four of our favorite teas bases for lattes.  Each kit includes 50 grams of our Matcha Latte Mix, 50 grams of our Hojicha Latte Blend, 25 grams of Micro Chai, and 25 grams of our Organic Golden Milk Tea Blend (non-caffeinated).  

    The teas comes attractively packaged together with one of our Japanese furoshiki cloths and a guide to the teas.  

    Please note: the furoshiki included in the set may not match the one in the photo.  It might, but that one was the one selected for the photo shoot and may or may not show up in the box.  It may be one of its close furoshiki friends.