• Organic Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

    Jasmine Pearl is the crème de la crème of scented teas. It is a tea that must be tried by anyone who wants to experience all the great teas of the world.

    The process for making this tea is one of the most elaborate in the world of tea crafting. The tea leaves, picked in the spring, must be air dried so they remain flat. Then they are stored until the jasmine is ready to be picked in mid summer. The jasmine is picked in the morning before the flowers have opened. When they begin to open in the evening the tea is mixed with the flowers. The pile will heat up. When it approaches 113 degrees, large fans separate the tea and the flowers. When the flowers cool down the tea and flowers are combined again and stay together overnight. This process will be repeated 6 or 7 times before the tea is finished. Then the tea is rolled into smooth round balls.  

    It is a fragrant and delicious work of art.

    Organic green tea, organic jasmine flowers