• 2009 7342H Menghai Purple Mark Ripe Puerh

    The 2009 7342H is special commission halfway ripe puerh made by the Menghai Tea Factory for the Yee On Tea Company.   The founder of Yee On was a close friend of the deputy chief of the Yunnan Tea Import and Export Company and as such he had easy access to having specially commissioned tea from the old large tea factories.   This is the second iteration of this recipe.  The first production was made in 2001 and is long since sold out.  

    After fifteen years of Yee On's traditional Hong Kong storage, the tea steeps dark and exceptionally smooth with notes of ginseng and other medicinal herbs, damp wood and forest, and a bit of spice.  This is a super solid tea and an exceptional value for the quality, age, and storage.  

    Cake is approximately 357 grams.

    Please note: some of the cake wrappers are damaged. You may get a cake with a damaged wrapper.