• Organic Yamanami Black from Japan

    Organic Yamanami Black is a certified organic black tea from the Miyazaki Prefecture on Kyushu Island made from the Yamanami cultivar.  While Japanese black teas are relatively rare, there is currently a resurgence of black tea production in Japan with some artisan producers dedicating part of their farms to black tea cultivation.  This cultivar is born of seeds from Hubei Province, China - which is frankly even more rare in the smallish realm of Japanese black tea production as many of the cultivars used for black tea are descended from Indian Assamese varietals. Yamanami is most often used to make kama-iri cha teas.

    The tea is quite stunning. There are notes of camphor and herb (common to the cultivar) and the initial impression of the tea is that it is big bodied and bold but it quickly transform in the mouth to sweet buttery florals. 

    2023 Harvest