• 2014 Tea Nuggets (Lao Cha Tou)

    These little tea nuggets are sweet, smooth, and oh so mellow.  They seem to steep forever, so they're a great bang for your buck but also they're just really tasty.  They show a caramel-like sweetness that lingers with a bit of dark chocolate moving into a lightly spicy rather enjoyable earthiness.  They're generous as well and will reward even punishing steeping conditions.  

    Cha Tou are variably sized nuggets of tea that form naturally in the fermentation step, or wodui, of ripe puerh production.  Essentially the heat and pressure of the pile make some of the leaves ball up together and form these tea nuggets that are quite compressed.  These little nuggets, or cha tou, are very compact and microbe-dense.

    Natural Guangzhou storage for nine years.