• Forest Hill Handmade Wild Black Tea Rods with Sri Lankan Vanilla

    Forest Hill is famous for its Wild Tea Rods, so we jumped at the chance to offer their brand new Tea Rods with a tasty morsel of Sri Lankan vanilla bean tucked inside.  The tea leaves used for these are the same as their original rods - coming from tea plants that were abandoned for 130 years and allowed to essentially go feral.  

    Forest Hill tea plants are particularly special.  The now 30 to 40 foot tall tea trees have to be climbed in order to be plucked and then taken out of the jungle on foot to the micro-processing area.  All the tea is naturally grown, without the assistance of agrochemicals of any kind.  True to the spirit of this now wild tea garden, Forest Hill doesn't employ any mechanization.  Each tea is made in very small batches, to order, by hand.  

    Each Vanilla Tea Rod is for about 300 ml of water and can be re-steeped two to three times.  The liquor is silky smooth and complex with notes of vanilla, of course, with hints of chocolate, maple, and orange.

    2024 harvest

    Ingredients: tea, vanilla bean