• Organic AMBA Estate Black Tea with Sri Lankan Cinnamon

    From the same folks who make the stellar Hand-Rolled Black Tea, this AMBA Estate Black Tea with Sri Lankan Cinnamon is a more casual brew.  This tea is made using their super clean and healthy seed grown plants with the organic cinnamon that they also grow in their gardens. 

    It is a broken leaf tea which means it steeps quite sturdily and will make a great breakfast style tea or tea to pair with a meal.  The cinnamon in the tea is very pure tasting - bright, sweet, and cinnamon-spicy.   Overall the taste is fresh and strong with a beautiful brick red liquor. 

    AMBA Estate, at about 1000 meters elevation in the Uva Mountains of Sri Lanka, is a very unique tea making operation.  The Estate is a re-claimed and regenerated abandoned tea farm that has been organically certified since 2009.  Many of the plants, both small and large leaf varieties, are old and grown from seed.  The plants are fertilized by a herd of rescued cows and are otherwise free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

    AMBA is community run, not plantation based like most other tea enterprises in Sri Lanka.  Their core mission is to create economic opportunity for the people in their community and as such they offer 10% revenue sharing to their staff in addition to their regular wage.  Additionally, they support their staff (and the Estate's neighbors) in developing their own businesses from their handicrafts or locally grown and made comestibles.