Zairai Sencha from Honyama

This Zairai Sencha is smooth and light with a long lasting fruity finish.   There are hints of wood, cooked butter, and toast in an overall velvety liquor.  This tea is not heavy on the umami qualities, but they are present in a balanced expression.

The plants for this tea are indigenous, naturally arising small leaf tea plants.  These types of plants, called "zairai," are fairly unusual among Japanese senchas as overall the industry in Japan favors uniformity and consistency of tea flavor and expression.  Zairai plants, because they are sexually propagated (as opposed to cuttings), do not offer consistency and uniformity of taste year after year.  They are unpredictable and more difficult to process.  These particular plants are rather old, some as old as 100 years, which again is rather rare among Japanese tea plants.

2020 Harvest from Hon.Yama, Shizuoka, Japan.