• 2023 Wuding County Ye Sheng Ya Bao White Tea

    This wild growing Ya Bao selection comes from Wuding County in Yunnan, a fairly unusual (at least for us) origin for tea.  The tea itself is also fairly unusual, and presents a different expression of Ya Bao than our other two Ya Bao offerings. 

    This Ya Bao, with its wild appearance, steeps a little spicy/herby with the classic silky light mouthfeel.  It's excellent hot, but really shines with a cold brew making a light summer beverage that can keep your attention. 

    To make a cold brew of this tea, just use about 10 to 12 grams of Ya Bao to every liter of room temp water.  Pop the container in the fridge for about 10ish hours, strain, and enjoy. 

    2023 early spring harvest