• Wild Tree Purple Black Tea from Yunnan

    Our Wild Tree Purple Black tea is an incredibly fragrant, lightly oxidized black tea using a naturally occurring wild growing purple tree varietal known as 'ye sheng.'  In truth, there are many naturally occurring varietals in Yunnan known as ye sheng, but generally what they have in common is that they are abundantly fragrant, with a distinct fruitiness and sweetness.   

    Upon opening a bag of this tea, you will immediately be greeted with a very pleasant, deeply fruity smell.  Ye sheng teas can often have a very purple flowers and fruits thing going on, and this hits that mark.  Tastes and aromas of grapes, currants, mountain laurel.  Think 'sweet and purple.'  The steeped tea is lively, with a vibrant energy.

    This tea comes from the Feng Qing area of Lincang in Yunnan Province.

    2023 Spring Harvest