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White Tea #18

White Tea #18 is a handmade leafy white tea from Taiwan's Ruby 18 cultivar (one of our all time favorite teas).  Taiwan doesn't offer very many white teas (this is only the second we've seen in a decade), so this offering is a real treat. 

White Tea #18 is made in the style of Shou Mei or Gong Mei (older, long-withered, sun-dried leaves) but the taste is very different from Chinese whites.  You'll undoubtedly notice the classic eucalyptus and camphor notes with a thick sweet tea soup. 

It's very interesting to be able to taste the essence of those Ruby 18 leaves in a different format - a lightly oxidized, non-rolled white tea.

This tea is EU compliant, meaning it meets the stricter import standards the EU has for pesticide and/or chemical residue.