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2017 Turtle Dove - White Tea from Yunnan

We've been loving this tea lately at our shop.  Turtle Dove is a unique compressed white tea made using leaves from Yunnan large leaf varietals. It is full-bodied, malty and somewhat fruity - pretty distinct from the other white teas that we've experienced. Turtle Dove was completely dried in the sun, unlike most other white teas these days which are dried using air blowing machinery.  Because of the time spent sun drying, Turtle Dove is a more oxidized white tea.  

The compression of this tea is very tight, so we recommend using boiling water to steep the tea.  We also recommend that you take care when prying off pieces of the tea from the brick.  

Turtle Dove has passed the EU MRL inspection for pesticide and herbicide use.

A 2017 White2Tea production.