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Tea Beginner Series (Tea of the Month Club)

If you're starting to get jazzed about tea (or know someone who is) and are interested learning more, this Tea Beginner Tea Club Series is an excellent choice.

We've structured the series to help a new tea enthusiast experientially develop tea knowledge. We select three teas each month that form the basis of an interesting (and delicious!) lesson so that the tea student can drink the teas and come to know the teas.  Each shipment includes an ounce of the three kinds of tea so there is ample opportunity to re-visit the teas and learn more.

We supplement the teas shipped with a small amount of original reading material to help put the teas in context so the new student knows why they've been sent the particular selections.  

Additionally, each new recipient of the Tea Beginner Series receives a For Life Brew-in-Cup to get them started steeping tea.

A specific month's emphasis might include topics such as:
+ understanding the 5 major categories of tea
+ understanding oxidation levels in tea
+ traditional white teas compared to white teas from untraditional origins
+ the difference in teas between the three major growing regions of India
+ the difference between the major types of oolongs


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