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Smoked Green

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This may be the perfect everyday tea for you, especially if you like smokey teas like Lapsang Souchong, Russian Caravan Tea, or some of the smokier oolongs. To make this tea one leaf and a bud is hand plucked early in the morning or later in the afternoon before sunset. Plucked leaves are brought to the factory immediately to retain the freshness of the leaf. The leaves are spread on wooden trays and smoked by fires underneath the trays for about 3 hours. The leaves are then de-enzymed quickly to stop the oxidation process. De-enzymed leaves are hard rolled for about 30 minutes and then smoked again for 2 hours. Finally the leaves are dried in a high-fired oven and allowed to mature over 1 month in storage. The result is this exquisite green tea with a distinct smoked flavor.


Green tea


Use 2 grams of tea for every 6 ounces of water. Generally this works out to a teaspoon per every 6 ounces of water. Steep for 3 minutes with 180-degree water.