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Shui Mi "White Peach" Dancong Oolong

Dancongs generally are one of our favorite types of oolongs at The Steeping Room (though really, it is so hard to have 'favorites' - all the traditional styles of oolong rank as favorites).  Dancongs, also called 'Single Trunk Oolong' or 'Phoenix Oolongs,' are known for their exquisite aromas and assertive, greenish fruitiness (often like a barely ripe fruit).  They are so aromatic in fact, that many people mistake them as being flavored but they're not. They're so aromatic because of the special type of medium leaf tea trees that grow in the Phoenix Mountain area in Guangdong Province, China. 

They have relatively dark leaves, but in reality are only moderately oxidized and still steep light to a peachy amber in the cup.  The darkness of the dry leaf is increased because of the charcoal drying that is one of the hallmark steps in dancong finishing.

White Peach, or Shui Mi, Dancong has a beautiful foresty, thick honeyed aroma with alluring sweet florals and naturally occurring white peach notes.  The tea is uplifting and upbeat because of the high fruitiness in the cup.  

Dancong oolongs are known for being a bit tricky to steep properly.  The general instruction to work around this is to use slightly more tea than usual with water around 205/210 for quite short steeps until you get the hang of it.

Dancongs age really well and in fact often need at least six months to rest after final charcoal roasting.  

Spring 2019 harvest.