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Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Taiwanese Oolong (EU)

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Taiwanese oolong is a high fragrance, light style oolong from 1200 meters elevation.  The air and the mountainous terrain is truly spectacular in Shan Lin Xi.  The fog rolls in regularly, nourishing the tea plant with moisture in the way they like best - frequently and indirectly.  Shan Lin Xi oolong is sometimes difficult to pick as the terrain is quite steep and it can be difficult to find your balance and do the hard work of hand-picking tea leaves at the same time.

The tea soup is very refreshing, with notes of alpine tree (fir), wildflowers, and sweet corn.  We highly recommend re-steeping the leaves several times, whether you steep gong fu or western style.

The leaves are hand-picked, from Qing Xin cultivar.  
From Spring 2018.
This tea passes the stringent EU requirements for MRL testing.