• 2024 Organic Qi Yun #23 White Tea from Taiwan

    Our Organic Qi Yun #23 White Tea is an early and exceptional 2023 harvest from Ming Jian Township in Nantou, Taiwan.   It's perfect for casual bowl brewing - the leaves of the tea are gorgeous, fluffy, and green and are quite intriguing to watch dance around in your bowl or cup.  Tasting notes for this tea beauty include hints of refreshing cucumber, spring meadow grasses, and sweet yellow flowers.  

    The Organic Qi Yun #23 cultivar is T-23 Hong Yun, a descendant of the renowned Qimen varietal from China. The "Qi" in the name signifies this ancestral connection, while "Yun" represents the harmonious feeling that the tea brings to those who savor it. This exquisite tea is sourced from a small, organic garden, where the tea plants are carefully nurtured and tended.

    Pre-Qing Ming 2024 Harvest.