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Purple Bamboo Shoot

Purple Bamboo Shoot has a fresh, clean taste with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Known as Gu Zhu Zi Sun in China, Purple Bamboo Shoot got its name because there is purple in the un-plucked leaf and when the processed leaf is shaped it resembles the narrow vertical shape of a bamboo shoot.

Purple Bamboo Shoot has a long history. It has been a tribute tea from Zhejiang Province for a 1000 years. And even more importantly it was a favorite tea of the first and most famous tea master Lu Yu.

The area where the tea is grown is surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the fourth side is open to a nearby lake.  The fog rolls in over the tea plants. Tea plants love to have fog as their main source of water.  The tea trees are wild and difficult to pick, the plucking standard for this tea being one bud and one young leaf.  

Harvested in early spring and made entirely by hand by a master tea maker.  After initial processing, the tea is roasted over charcoal two to three hours for drying.

No pesticides were used on this tea.