• Prithivi Assam - Black Tea from India

    This a classic style, whole leaf black tea from Assam made by a very cool, very small tea operation in Naharkatia, Assam called "Prithivi Group."  Prithivi is a grassroots association of small holders who have pooled their resources to produce a superior Assam tea that is "naturally organic" (meaning it's not certified by a certifying body, but there are no agrochemical inputs in how the tea is grown or made).   These are folks who are passionate about making natural tea and providing jobs for themselves and their children (should they choose to become farmers).  The large plantations in Assam basically have a monopoly on tea production in that state, so being able as tea lovers to support and enjoy teas from the Prithivi Group is really special. 

    The taste is robust with a medium astringency and notes of cocoa, honey, baked bread, and wood.  It certainly can take milk if you like to add it to your tea, but it doesn't require it if you like a strong cup.

    2021 Autumn Harvest