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Pre-Qing Ming Dragonwell - Green Tea from Hangzhou

Dragonwell, known as ‘Long Jing,’ is arguably the single most famous tea of China.  It has been a Tribute Tea since the Qing Dynasty. The area where the Dragonwell was orginally made (Westlake) is a very popular tourist attraction because of the esteem that this particular tea carries. 

Pre-Qing Ming Dragonwell is made from some of the very first pluckings of the year -- before the Tomb Sweeping (or Qing Ming) holiday, which is on or around April 5.  Early harvest teas are known to be softer and more floral than the later spring harvests, which get a bit more robust and run more of a risk of astringency.  It is only these very first harvests that have the stored up (from the winter) chemical composition to make the softest and smoothest of green tea.  

March 2021 Harvest,  Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.